Obagi Medical Products, Inc. is a global pharmaceutical company founded in 1988. Innovative Obagi products have effective formulas and achieve visible results in skin rejuvenation which are clinically proven. They are leading in hyperpigmentation, damaged skin, ageing skin, and acne removal and transformation. Due to its medical effects, the skin care line is available only at specialised stores and medical experts.

Real stories. Real results. – Obagi products are highly efficient for skin care and the results are visible. At Estetika Fabjan, we are more than happy to present you Obagi products.

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3D simulation of your appearance

Your appearance after the cosmetic surgery can now be seen before the procedure. With a simple, quick, and efficient 3D simulation.

It is the best and most accurate visualisation of the end result. Simulation is possible for all body parts. In breast augmentation, we can change the size, position, and insertion type of breast implants in only a few simple steps. The programme can reform individual parts of the face, like eyelids, nose, ears, forehead, etc. We can take away or add fat to certain body parts. With its simplicity, a 3D simulation of your appearance enables and facilitates your decision on the procedure. Contact us and we will arrange a free consultation appointment.