Zora Fabjan, MD


Zora Fabjan, MD is an anaesthesiologist specialist and is a co-founder of Estetika Fabjan. Her professional career began in the General Hospital Jesenice where she was specialising and then pursued her career at a private clinic.

An anaesthesiologist’s work is very demanding and stressful. It is not merely a preparation of patient for a surgery, it also means she has to ensure proper anaesthesia during the surgery and take care of patients immediately after the surgery. It means she has to ensure all organ systems are functioning properly during the procedure. The profession requires constant and continuous international education.

Her work requires constant thinking about the patients since you have the trust of the patient. According to her, this is a very personal contact and it is about the flow of energy between the doctor and the patient, which also affects the success of the operation and postoperative treatment.

“Happiness is within us and comes from us,” is her belief. She likes to collect herself spending time with her husband: walking, exercising, biking, etc.